The Fine Art (yeah, right) of Patience

You know that old genie out of the bottle with the three wishes deal? I suppose we've all imagined what we would wish for at some point in our lives, and I'm sure our choices have changed through the years. Currently, I would wish for 1) patience, 2) more patience, and 3) a complete set of my Based on a Dream series...out there, super successful, and sitting on a designated shelf in my living room. All that patience stuff is simply for dealing with the fact that dodging curve balls can get pretty exhausting. And as much as I might wake on any given morning with lofty goals, I'm sure to get hit with a few curve balls before my day is through. The past year has been tough. Hubby losing his job, amazing friends moving across the globe, tending to a relative in a nursing home .... to name a few. A while back, I wrote about embracing chaos and debris, and I re-read that post from time to time to remind myself of patience ... that sometimes it takes a while to come out on the other side of all the muck.

So today I'm posting about rays of light seeping through the muck! I have made some changes to the cover of Treehugger ...

  BOAD TH cover that it will match nicely with Risktaker--which is now in proof! After a proper proofing, it will go up for sale shortly. 

  Photo (13)

And remember how I said Risktaker is a bit longer? You can see it here....

  BOAD 2 spines

So we're no closer to a new job, we still miss our friends, coping with loved ones in nursing homes will never be easy for anyone ... but I AM a step closer to putting up that shelf in my living room.

What do you need patience for?