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Loving Author Assemblies!

So Spring Break is booked. Only, I'm not heading for rest and relaxation. Instead, I have another set of author visits coming up in New Jersey. Very excited to share The Secret Path of Ned the Ninja with more kids, and I get to bring Energizer Bunny Girl with me. (Although, I might have to switch up her nickname on the blog here pretty soon. She has hit fourteen and getting her up in the morning to move herself isn't quite as easy. Although ... set her up for a convention where she can cosplay and she's instantly wound up and ready to go!)

Melissa (my co-author on Ned's adventures) and I will be bringing the character-building and self-acceptance skills of a mental martial artist to a few more schools, as well as presenting writing workshops on creating three-dimensional characters. There's a karate demonstration, as well.  So that's three awesome elements ... together ... sort of like this Mountain Dew commercial I cannot get enough of.... 

Now that is the sort of thing that will have you laughing all day, yet unable to sleep at night!

Anyway, the plane is booked for the middle of March (my new discovery: Hacker Fares on Kayak!), and EBG and I can't wait to squeeze our friends in NJ, NY, and CT to pieces. That alone makes this trip better than heading for a Hawaii, Disney, or island getaway spring break. The full Author Visit schedule makes it all a whirlwind--a working vacation to be sure--but like that old adage, if you love doing it, it's not really work.

School info triple pic

For more information on our visits, check out our Author Visit page