Five kids with real empathy


December is a season of countdowns this year. There is the usual countdown to Christmas...but this year there is the twist of a first Christmas in Florida.

There is the countdown to The Force Awakens on December 18th. Yes, of course I have my tickets!

And there is the countdown to hubby's podcast relaunching before the new year. This is a big deal, really, because in many ways it signifies a return to something close to normal life--whatever that is.

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Today, I'm kicking off my Ornament Countdown to Christmas! This little guy is from my friend Mike, who knows I love stars. The ornament is almost as old as our friendship, I think. So, close to 30 years old. He's a brother from another mother, the guy you can say anything to, he can suck down the contents of a hot sauce packet in a split second, knows how to make you feel better about yourself, can make you laugh no matter how determined you are not to, and it's really going to suck not being able to see The Force Awakens with him. He is also a tremendous storyteller, but allows spelling to get in his way. You've got to cut that out, Mike. Love ya!

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