Silver Lining / Blessing #1: My outdoor office
Silver Lining / Blessing #3: People who get it

Silver Lining / Blessing #2: Stupid moments

As a speculative fiction writer, I deal with and live for fantastic worlds and unlikely stories. Sometimes, as a writer, you throw yourself plot curve balls to break writer's block or move the action in a new direction. Sometimes you simply want to throw the unexpected at readers. Sometimes such attempts just wind up totally stupid and out of left field. Those stupid moments get trashed. But today, I'm thankful for real-life stupid moments that turn a bad mood around. I had that sort of moment yesterday:

Energizer Bunny Girl and I had left the house for her rock-climbing practice. I needed gas and I needed a giant cup of coffee (I write in the lobby of the climbing venue for two hours while she climbs.) So we pulled into the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot, and I reached into my bag for my purse--which wasn't there. No coffee. No gas. No driver's license if I get pulled over. Now Murphy, his law, and I are tight, so I knew I had to go home (8 minutes back) and get my purse. I did so, but at the cost of running late.

Take two:  We're back on the road. EBK is stressing that she'll have to do umpteen extra rounds of warmup for being late, and I know I don't have time to get gas or coffee.  She's nagging me; I'm grumbling and tense. We're back on the road, approaching the highway, when I realize I'm heading to the on ramp of the wrong highway. I use two highways regularly and well ... ooops! So now I'm practically growling, EBK is wondering what sort of alien organism is eating away at her mother's brain, and I turn onto a dead end street to make a U-ee.

As I drive down the street to find a good place to turn, we come across two wild turkeys walking down the side of the road--not a common sight by me. I've seen one other in the fifteen years I've live here. It was so unexpected that we began laughing. Realizing that the dumb turkey I feel like has come upon actual turkeys, I roll down the window as EBK and I make turkey noises. Then I remember a story about a flying turkey slamming into someone's windshield, so I quickly roll up the window as they move closer. We continue past, make the U-ee, and ... suddenly we have two turkeys charging the car! I veer left, they follow, right, they follow. I slow down and stop the car. They move under the car, EBK and I can't stop laughing, and after a minute, we see this:


And they won't move.  I don't dare get out of the car to scare them  off, because obviously our turkey talk offended them, so I hit the horn. They practically scream back at us for a couple of minutes, and then one moves to the driver side, clearly ticked off:


I call this shot, "Wanna piece of me?"

Eventually, the turkey at the front of the car takes off, and the one on the side loses interest:


There is nothing like an attempted carjacking by two turkeys to put you in a better mood. It's okay to be late. It's better to have a stupid moment. It would have been priceless to have the presence of mind to record the entire thing and put it on YouTube. But that probably requires a brain that remembers its purse and which highway to take. :)

 Care to share a stupid moment?