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Can't wait to read ... No Return by Zoe Cannon

The day has come. A new book is waiting for me on my Kindle tonight! The third and final book of Zoe Cannon's Internal Defense series, No Return, launched today. If you haven't read this YA dystopian series yet, please give it a try. Lead character Becca is a complex heroine who every dystopian fan should experience.

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Blurb for ... No Return

The conclusion to the Internal Defense series

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Every dissident knows about Becca Dalcourt.

They know about the lives she’s saved. About the prison break she carried out against impossible odds. They know she turned a dying resistance into the first real threat Internal Defense has faced in a long time.

And even now, with the resistance under attack from the inside, they know Becca can save them.

They’re wrong.

The conclusion to the story that began with The Torturer’s Daughter and Necessary SacrificesNo Return explores what happens when an ordinary person becomes a legend – and how to choose between who you are and who the world needs you to be.






Diversity in Books

There's a discussion happening on Twitter on Many 1st, and it's all about diversity in books. Why do we need it? How can we get more of it?

How can you be a part of it? #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

I love writing about different races, species, and cultures in my fantasy series. Of course, in Treehugger and Risktaker, diversity is often about extra limbs, odd forms, strange skin colors, and beliefs most Earthlings might find odd. Still, I enjoy challenging my characters to relate to each other despite their differences. The entire Jacondorian experiment brings diverse beings together to the point where differences are their common denominator. As a result, the sentinels involved have developed tremendous empathy and understanding in their acceptance of each other and the cultures they meet.

Here on Earth, learning about and experiencing our fellow human beings can bring us closer to accepting our differences and finding the more common traits we share. Ask yourself if you've ever read a book whose main character practices a different religion or comes from a different culture. What about a character with a handicap? If we only read about people who are just like us, we risk boxing ourselves in and losing another opportunity to find our commonalities and understand our differences. 

Please check out We Need Diverse Books to learn about their campaign. Thank you!

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