EMBRACE the Ides of March!
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Wok and Roll

I was super impatient yesterday. Nothing was found, completed, remembered, or acted upon fast enough for me. Just one 0f those days, I suppose. What took so long? Want a list? Either way, here it is:

1) One goal was simple: Season my new wok and cook a healthy stir fry dinner. Do you have any idea how long it takes to season a wok? The instructions basically said it would take a total of forty minutes. Well, not much was happening after the second attempt, so I hit You Tube for tutorials. It's working now, but it takes forever. One houseful of burning oil fumes later, we are only at this point....

Apparently, it's supposed to get as dark all over as it is in the center.

Stir fry did not happen last night. It wouldl take me the rest of the day to heat, then cool this pan three more times. Maybe tonight.

2) My Middle Grade series, The Secret Path of Ned the Ninja, launches April 9th. The final changes were made and uploaded for file approval. The process takes about 24-hours ... no surprise there. Still, I'm antsy to check a digital proof and finish prepping for launch. Honestly, if this process went faster, I never wouldn't have gone near the wok.

Ned RH Fullsize front

3) I have a particular purple pen I use for signing books and writing notes. There are at least six of them in this house. Think I could find one? I'd show you what it looks like, but ... well, if I could do that....

4) The book that follows Risktaker in my Based on a Dream series is in edit mode. The way I work, editing runs many passes. Due to a bunch of family obligations this week, I have missed four days of edit work. It's killing me. But, such is life. I get to dig back in today....


 5) I need true spring weather to make a commitment. Winter for most of us was brutal, wasn't it? I was freezing again yesterday afternoon when I had to grab something out of the backyard. Suddenly, something caught my eye from a corner, near the fence.....



And, hopefully, it won't be long before I can work in my "backyard office."

Anyone else seen signs of spring? Know a faster way to season a wok?