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One Direction ... Forward

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Maybe the coffee hasn't hit my system yet, but this image really struck me this morning: blue sky, forward motion, and a blank slate. It has me trying to pin down exactly what lies ahead, wondering what exactly I'm supposed to shoot for. 

What should I write on my sign? Some possibilities:


CALM: How do I achieve calm? I think remembering everything is relative is key for me. If last year has taught me anything, it's that perspectives change like the weather. It's never been easy for me to go with the flow, but I've learned enough recently to realize it's the only way to go. 



HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: Losing weight and feeling better could be waiting for me if I keep up the spin classes. Of course, that's the trick, isn't it? LOVE spin class. But I love writing/editing more. I love social media more. Going vegan is another way for me to plod ahead toward this goal. The only drawback here is the inflexibility of my family on food matters. So, as much as I can enjoy eating vegan, time constraints keep stopping me from prepping more than one meal. 



RECORD-BREAKING BOOK SALES: I'll settle for breaking my own sales records. What's on the horizon? Book Three of the Based on a Dream series is due out some time in the spring. A joint project middle grade story written years ago will finally launch in the next few months. Best push toward this goal? I have joined an amazing group of speculative fiction authors in an author co-op. More news and links to introduce the group will follow soon! I'm so excited to work with these fantastic authors, and I know you'll be psyched to discover their books.

Following the above signs will--hopefully--lead to a final destination:


And what is success? Well, I'm thinking that's relative, and I'll figure it out when I get there.

What does your sign say? (If you'd like to create your own picture, it's public domain, so have at it!)