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Holiday Savings: YA fantasy for $.99

As I sit here on Sunday evening, I'm a bit floored by many things:

1) I still feel full from Thanksgiving.

2) I haven't gotten one Christmas decoration out all weekend. Tomorrow ought to be fun.

3) The producers of The Walking Dead nearly killed me tonight. I mean ... I don't care how much blood they found in that car seat, someone please tell me Judith is on the stupid bus!?

4) Even though I still have to put away a couple of things from hosting Thanksgiving, tomorrow is Cyber Monday already! Will I take part? Definitely. But instead of neurotically cruising cyberspace for deals, I'm throwing one out there myself....

Starting now...through January 10th,
the ebook version of
Treehugger (Based on a Dream, #1) is $0.99!

So load up that new ereader you snagged on Black Friday with the first book of a four-book YA fantasy scifi series.  Head over to or for an escape from Thanksgiving mayhem, holiday decorating, and yes....even from tonight's soul-wrenching episode of Walking Dead. 

I hope you enjoy Treehugger and share it with a teen!