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2014 ... Welcome, you shiny new year, you!



I've harped over the imminent demise of 2013 for weeks now to anyone who will listen. Still, as the remaining hours to this horrible year dwindle, I can't help but take note of how 2013's claws feel as if they are losing their grip on me. Just in time to stick it to 2013, a bunch of sudden book sales between last night and this morning have me psyched and ... to top it off ... a review for Treehugger popped up on Amazon where there has been no review action in months. It's hard to dance when you discover this in a packed IHOP, so I downed another cup of coffee and poured an extra-thick layer of blueberry syrup over my pancakes to compensate. Then I danced when I got home.


Amazon review


So am I optimistic about 2014? Very much so. After all, here are some qualities 2014 has going for it over 2013:

1) It's an even number. (I hate odd numbers, particulary the number 3.)

2) It doesn't have a superstitious, bad number stigma to live up to.

3) The past year has been overwhelmingly bad for so many of my family and friends that to continue such luck and circumstance into another year would simply be overkill. Somewhere in the universe (or multiverse) there has to be a bit of sympathy floating around to rescue us all.

4) The number four has a beautiful, simple evenness to it. Even flow, even keel, even Steven. 

5) I'm already writing 2014 on dates by accident instead of my usual habit of writing the old year months into the new! Surely that has to mean something. Right? 

So here's to a beautiful 2014 to my friends, family, readers, and fellow writers. May your prayers be answered, your lives improve, your health be sound, your book choices be inspiring, and your words flow easily and expertly.

Love, Kea