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Another Treehugger Review

Another awesome review on the Based on a Dream series so far!

A huge thank you to Lauren M. for her reviews of Treehugger and Risktaker on Amazon and for this comment on my FB page:

" I just finished Risktaker and I LOVED it! I NEED more! I feel lost right now! What will I do until I can read more about Star?! I feel like I'm back on earth waiting to be bounced back to another world! I can really empathize with Star on that now  Thank you for this wonderful series!"

As I edit Book Three of the Based on a Dream series, comments like this fuel me even when I'm tired. Writing novels has taught me a lot, but the thing I'm most amazed to learn is how powerful a feeling it is when a reader...someone who has never met you and knows nothing about you....suddenly "gets" the world, message, story, whatever, that you send through your writing and shares your excitement over it. 

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