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An Invader Zim Halloween ... Gir-rrrrrrrrrr

Happy Halloween, readers, writers, and everyone else!  603971_10201892279404008_1531594716_a

This is the first year where a) I don't understand my kids' costume choices, and b) those costumes wound up being a lot more work than I thought.

First up, we have Invader Zim and company: Energizer Bunny Girl (EBG) is fanatical about the robot pet, Gir, that often wears a green dog disguise. Cute cartoon. Ridiculous cartoon. I get the appeal ... but not the obsession. Anyway, we had to pull together a head for Gir incognito using foam core, felt, styrofaom balls, and duct tape (EBG's other passion). Took longer than I thought it would, and ... surprise! Liquid Stitch Glue for fabric didn't want to stick the fabric to fabric. Ultimately, we got it to work, but most of the glue gravitated to our fingers at first. So EBG will be a very odd green thing walking down the street. Many people won't have a clue who she is, but her "Irken" friends (also part of the Invader Zim cartoon) will, so that's all that matters. Can't wait to see them all together later.

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Spielberg Boy ... who really is too old  to go trick or treating ... is going with a friend as a couple of zombies. Now, this I get. However, because SB has been into special effects makeup lately, he tried to sculpt, cast, and mold a prosthetic. Following the instructions on a video by Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero about working with gelatin, he did his best. But what a pain! Ultimately, though, the prosthetic came out in pieces and is useless. At least he tried. I'm sure he'll figure something else out later.


Meanwhile, SB went to school today wearing a costume I do not get: green chrom-a-key body suit, marvel comic shorts, a blue tie, a cowboy hat and weird glasses. Insisting lots of kids were dressing up in school in weirder costumes ... such as a boy planning to be Miley Cyrus of Wrecking Ball fame, I was supposed to be grateful SB looked like this and didn't get out of the car licking a hammer. Still, I ducked behind the wheel when he got out, warning him that if he gets beat up today, I really can't defend him. I would share a picture of what he's wearing, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Feels like it would be child abuse. I forced him to bring a change of clothes just in case he has second thoughts and/or monumental regrets.

Enjoy your Halloween! Watch a scary movie. (Check out this podcast about overlooked horror films for some new ideas.) Have at the candy, and take time to appreciate the night sky.