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Erik's Book Drive - Literally a Good Cause

5215439819_1b4aa2438a (2)Hi Readers,

I wanted to call your attention to a call for submissions of new or used books in good
condition for contribution to a children's hospital. Hopefully, we can help build the selection at the library created in this little boy's name.

image: jamarmstrong

Erik's Book Drive - This is the FB
link to the event.


From the event site:
 "Erik was only two months shy of his fourth birthday when he was diagnosed with leukemia on August 3, 2012. Sadly, he suffered complications during his first round of chemo. He developed four bacterial infections in his blood and earned his angel wings on September 5, 2012. He would have turned four on October 5.

Erik filled his world with his vivid imagination. He loved books. Story time was anytime for him. In his honor, Tim and I wish to collect books for the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children. This is the hospital where Erik was treated. In the time that Erik spent there, the book selection present for the children to read all seemed like things picked out of the bottom of a bargain bin. Erik always had the best books and we would like to bring that to the hospital. We welcome books suitable to all children, from babies to teenagers, girls and boys. Please help us collect an amazing legacy to be presented to the hospital in Erik's honor.

Just a reminder, since so many have asked: Donated books should be new or gently used, in English or Spanish, and suitable for children, kids, tweens or teens aged 2-17.

If you need our address for non-Amazon orders (or orders not on the Amazon Suggested Books Wishlist) or to drop books off at our home, PLEASE send a private message to Tim or Dianna. We will happily give it to you."

I donated a picture book and a teen book last year and will do so again this year. I think I'll have SB and EBG tell me which storybook they loved most from their younger years and send a copy of that. And since I sent Treehugger last year, I'll send Risktaker this year.

Which picture books were your favorite as a kid?