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I am beyond excited over the fabulous reviews my series has garnered recently. So, of course, I had to share!

Pglogorotate240Please take note of the following fabulous reviews from Claire at PureGeekery.net:

Treehugger on PureGeekery.net

Risktaker on PureGeekery.net

My favorite quote from the Risktaker review? "Risktaker feels fresh and exciting- tempting the reader towards the adventure that lies ahead. Just like waiting for the TARDIS sound or your Hogwarts letter, Alwang’s story will have you peeking over the corner of your bedspread, hopeful that you have woken up on Jacondor."

PureGeekery.net does a wonderful job of covering Geek Culture! Please check them out! Their site is always fun and intriguing!



Then, I was thrilled to receive a review of Treehugger from Lynn over at Awkward Geeks. Not long after,

Lynn covers Risktaker with another awesome review, including the claim that, "You will find yourself simply wanting to stay in this wonderful story, that’s filled with conflict, excitement, action, romance, and humor."

Lynn and Ken of AwkwardGeeks.com should be on your bookmark list for all things Geek culture as well! Great resource for staying informed.


Next, it was so exciting to get my first video review by Amanda of Amanda's Writings. Check out what Amanda (who also loved Treehugger) has to say about Risktaker!