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What this fan girl will miss at New York Comic Con

Times are tight. 2013 sucks big time. After going to the last two Star Wars Celebrations, missing out on Celebration Europe  was torture. Kind of like missing a family reunion. On top of it, I won't be going to NY Comic Con this October and that rather aches. Even worse? Discovering Star Wars Celebration  VII will be in Anaheim -- where I don't have relatives to stay with and heftier plane fares. Ugh! Shoot me now.  Like I said: Times are tough. Between underemployment and a domino-effect of house repairs, the extras are out. But as I sit here thinking about what I will be missing at the next opportunities for letting my fan-girl flag fly, I realize that the things I will miss are so much more important than panel information reveals and vast amounts of unusual merchandise. Here is a list of the things I've been fortunate enough to experience in the past and hope to experience again in the future:

1) Happening upon a friendly lightsaber battle between fans who have never met before.

2) Always running into Ashley Eckstein and having a quick chat.

3) The utter lack of concern for the conventional as revealed through cosplay or odd attire. I swear, I walk around cons staring at attendees, wishing with all my heart that I had gone to high school with them. (My high school buddies and I had to fly below the radar to avoid being mocked. It was not cool to wear a button that said, "Some mornings you just don't feel like slaying dragons." It was not cool to be a high school girl in a Star Wars costume. It was social suicide getting caught writing Battlestar Galactica fan fiction at the lunch table.)

Red shirt4) Always winding up getting a free T-shirt from one vendor or another. My favorite? My red Legendary films shirt.

5) Parents with little ones in tow...teaching them through osmosis....that it's okay to march to your own drum.  It's okay for people to be different, to like different things. It's okay to dream, to revel in stories, in art. Better still? It's damn beautiful to come together as unique people to display various passions as one giant common denominator. Maybe such parents, whether they realize it or not, will raise the sort of people who would never consider writing anyone a letter like the one in the news this week.

6) And ... I'm going to miss watching Spielberg Boy's and Energizer Bunny Girl's experience of being elbow to elbow with thousands of people gawking at the same stuff they are, because this is the way they see it's perfectly acceptable--and rather amazing--to be geek.

7) I finally started watching Dr. Who, have caught the bug, and would have finally appreciated all the Whovian geekdom this year at NYCC!

  Sigh. And what do I think after all these thoughts? Anaheim or Bust!