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My Abercrombie & Fitch Bitch

Did he WANT the negative press to bolster sales? Was he counting on there being more people out there who are as vapid, shallow, and clueless as he is? When CEO Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie & Fitch was asked why A&F doesn't carry clothes for women beyond a size ten, it was the mentality behind his answers that bugged me more than anything else. I mean a marketing plan is a marketing plan. If a business doesn't want to carry sizes behind 10, that's their ... well, business. But have you heard the remarks he has made about why?

Try this comment on for size:  “I don’t want our core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing our clothing.”  

If that isn't enough, you can read his other thoughts in this meme going around Facebook (I double-checked the comments against other sources to make sure they weren't out of context. I mean, that was my first thought: "Surely, nobody actually said this!")


Again, the problem for me isn't what sizes A&F manufactures. There are plenty of stores with sizes i will never fit into and so I move on. It's the promotion of the bullying, cookie-cutter, cool versus uncool mentality that we don't need more of. In a country where kids have killed themselves over feeling like the odd man out, how dare you propogate such a mentality, Mr. Jeffries. But I have a question for you, because I'm confused: My daughter, who has one of those beautiful, perfect-sized bodies that will probably always be able to fit into your clothes is not one of the cool kids...except in her very tiny group of school friends. She's not one of the popular kids with lots of friends. Now what? Can she still shop in your exclusive stores? Because I can guarantee you, even if you were to give her a personal invite...she won't be doing so. 

And Mr. Jeffries? Little hint: If the adults in our society aren't going to stand up against bullying, how do we except impressionable kids to get the right messages?

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