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In with the New

So I've been sitting here realizing that there were a lot of new things going on in and about my house this  past week. So I figured I would share them:

1)  DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR: Spielberg Boy (SB) has informed me that, yes, he is trying to grow sideburns. When I told him that 70s styles are not back in vogue (and, IMHO, hopefully will never return) he explained that they were the beginning of Wolverine sideburns. Now, while I can appreciate Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, I have to wonder when SB's self-preservation instincts will kick in.

Sideburn    Wolverizine

I'm thinking we have a ways to go.


2) HOT WATER HEATER: The stupid water heater went last week. And with it, the chimney exhaust sleeve had to be replaced because it wasn't "to code." Accompanying the betrayal of the old water heater, the clothes dryer timer went, the seal around the downstairs toilet failed, a water pipe decided to leak, and the automatic garage door opener busted. Yes. One week. No, you probably shouldn't visit me now, and "no" I don't know what I did to deserve such karma. 

Water heater
We have dubbed him "PITA" 


3) INVADER ZIM: Thanks to one of her friends, Energizer Bunny Girl (EBG) became obsessed with a cartoon called Invader Zim. I figured it was stupid...and really, it is ... but there IS an appeal to it. Either that or I'm teetering on the last thread of sanity. Anyway, she draws ZIM and GIR, watches the show, and begs for merchandise. Still, there are far worse things for a kid to suddenly pick up on.



4) ANGEL:  A Mother's Day angel from my parents <3



5) CARNIVOROUS PLANTS: I always wanted to get one of these to plant with the kids, but EBG was too freaked out by the idea in the past. So we're going to put the kit together this weekend. Apparently, it takes 6 - 12 months before the trap development stage happens, but eventually we'll be all set if the neighbors decide to start throwing cigarette butts over the fence again. (Hey, I'm an author. I don't need to actually get revenge...I need only imagine it!)


Look out bugs!

Crap ... didn't think about that. Now I'll feel guilty each time the thing eats.


6) SPRING: Thanks to EBG's Girl Scout project, we needed to take pictures of parks. It was so nice to run to one of the parks by us where we were surprised to find settings we never saw before. The bursting colors were especially nice. And ... it's extra-especially nice to see this picture as a reminder of warm weather; yesterday the temp dipped back into the forties!


 Have a great spring!