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The Bully Effect(s)

(s) ... because there are so many.

Those who know me personally know that nothing gets me crazier than hearing about bullied kids. The topic has affected my life in many ways. I've gone to many lectures, read ridiculous amounts of information on the topic, and served on school safety committees. Throughout the years, I've known kids who were bullied and I've watched bullies feed off their victim's fear in order to feel better about themselves. I've seen victims who withdraw into shells, I've seen victims who chose to fight back only to find school staff support dwindle when they did. I've heard parents defend their bullying child's action with words such as, "All he did was laugh," and demonstrate their lack of control with, "Well, let's hope my son can be nicer in the future." Hope? Really? 

I'm in the process of compiling a huge resource of links and references to do with bullying. When it's finished, I'll add it to my site. Between dealing with the topic in real life and in my writing, I can clock countless hours of research. It would be nice to offer those looking for help an easier task than I had! 

Anyway, for now, I wanted to share a link to a program I think is really important for parents to see with their kids. CNN did a half hour special about the story behind the movie, Bully (trailer below). The details of the special and the film are harsh, so you might want to check it out and determine if you feel it's age appropriate for your child. For those with Netflix, the movie is currently free.