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It's a Good Day to be a Fangirl!

AHerUniverse_Logot least, it is for this fan girl. After a string of bad days (your typical every day nonsense) I woke up this morning to becoming a Her Universe's Fangirl of the Day! I'm so excited! 2013 is the Year of the Fangirl over at Her Universe, and if you read the bios/interviews each day, you can see that I'm in great company. The fangirls who Ashley and Her Universe highlight seem like interesting, creative, fun people who live their lives outside the box. I'm honored to join their ranks. If you're not aware of what Her Universe is, the business is the brainchild of Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars animated series, The Clone Wars. Her business creates apparel and accessories for scifi fan girls of all ages. If you're a Star Wars fan, a Trekkie, a Whovian, or know where the phrase, "So say we all" comes from--and you would like to wear cool T-shirts designed for women--you need to check out the merchandise on Ashley's website and keep up with her on Facebook.

Other reasons I'm having a good day--and it's only 10 am--is because I did not wake up to snow, my kids didn't stress me out getting ready for school (Energizer Bunny Girl is notorious for slowpokery), there is one brownie left from last night's company, Being Human will be on tonight, and I'm doing my last formatting checks on Book Two of the Based on a Dream series, Risktaker--long overdue, yet also a much longer book than Treehugger, so I'm making it worth the wait! Ah, the posts I'll be writing about that process! *wipes forehead with hand* Oh ... and I have to do some Easter shopping, which always puts me in a good mood.

Hopefully, you're having a great start to your day, too. If so, tell us why, below. And if your day is rather crummy? Feel free to get it out of your system. 

Geek Girl USA

If you're into technology and into finding new authors, check out Cheryl Therrien's blog, Geek Girl USA!
Her Motivational Monday posts are wonderfully introspective ... and who doesn't need to be motivated each Monday? Each Wednesday, she posts an Author Interview. What a great way to find new stories/genres to dig into. Another thing I enjoy about Cheryl's blog is the commentary of her readers. I hope you'll check out the link to her latest post, below, and add your own input!

Q: What do closeted geek CEOs, finding readers, people watching at cons, and breaking cookie-cutter molds have in common?

A: This week's author interview. (Find it here.)  The author? Me! Thanks so much, Cheryl!