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Five Stars for Treehugger!

Hi all, Tree

What a great morning! Snow has closed work for the day, school is on early dismissal, food shopping is done, so it can snow all it likes, and my cough medicine is working better--which means I'm only coughing up half a lung. 

But the best thing to happen to me today is a fabulous review from Amanda B. of Amanda's Writings! I hope you'll visit her blog, not just to read the stellar review, but because she really points out a lot of great YA titles. I have three on my TBR list already from reading about them there.

Amanda starts out like this:

"Treehugger is definitely one of my favorite reads so far this year!...."

Coming from a girl who seems to read a ton of books, that means a lot!

Please read the rest of her five-star review here to see why!