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A great cause involving books: "Erik's Book Drive."

Wanted: Accomplished Kids

LighningDue to a number of situations I've heard about lately, I've been thinking about celebrating the accomplishments of my readers' demographic. In my novel, Treehugger, the core character possesses unique powers that have taken a back seat to the effects of bullying and self doubt. While much of the backdrop for this story takes place off world under fantastic circumstances, the concept of losing your power to a lack of confidence for any reason, is certainly not new--especially among young adults. I plan to dedicate a post each week to a pre-teen, teen, or young adult (ages 10 through 21) or group of kids who demonstrates talent, intelligence, compassion, and/or heart by accomplishing something special. The message behind it?  Never let anything steal your power—not bullies, not disabilities, not shyness, not unfortunate circumstances, not life-long struggle with math. It doesn't have to be some over-the-top accomplishment, either.

Examples: Did the person take a journey to help others? Organize a drive (food, clothing, etc) to help others? Did he or she make a comeback after an injury? Start a business or non-profit? Befriend an elderly neighbor? Write a book? Save a stranger or loved one? Enter a main stream school program after needing special education? Win an art contest? Make a film? Receive an award as employee of the month? Volunteer their talents?

The Deal: Email me at kea@keaalwang.com (subject: YA Own Your Power) with a short description of the accomplishment. If I plan to post the story, I will send a short list of questions for the teen (or parent) to answer. It would be great to get a photo of the person and possibly a photo showing involvement in the accomplishment, but this is not required. If you do send photos, .jpeg or gif, please. Full names can be used, but I'm perfectly happy using a last initial if requested. Town or city is optional, however, I would like to use a state for those living in the United States. Reach: The story would appear on my blog (www.keaalwang.com), and be promoted on the Kea Alwang Facebook page, and through Twitter. You are free to share the piece anywhere you like (with the exception of sites only appropriate for ages 18+).


1)What does your accomplishment mean to you?

2)How difficult was it to (make a comeback, set up your organization, rally people to your cause, convince someone to act on your idea)?

3)Which of your talents or traits came into play for you to succeed in this accomplishment?

4)How have you changed or how have others changed as a result of your venture?

5)Please note any websites involved in your accomplishment so we can link to them.

Thanks so much for considering involvement!