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Beyond My Backyard: Virtual Vacations

I need another virtual vacation. Just for the day. So I guess I need a daycation. Anyway, I can't go away for real these days, so from time to time, I aimlessly search for unique places in the world that I can visit from my desk. And I've bookmarked them for those writer's block moments when I need to get out of my own head. (Just for the record ... it can get scary in there!) 

Of huge importance is choosing a hotel. I can't tell you how much fun it is to explore Unusual Hotels of the World. You'll have to see for yourself. Yeah, I know you don't really need a hotel for a day trip, but money and imagination are not an issue in the virtual world. There are hotels on the water, in the water, up in trees, well ... again, you really have to just see then for yourself. And yes, price ranges are included in the descriptions--and those prices remind me of why I enjoy them in cyberspace. Most recently, I stayed in Chile at the MONTAÑA MÁGICA LODGE  Is that gorgeous or what?

Need a fanciful place to eat? Check out this restaurant in the sky.  Want something a bit more bizarre? Check out the  strangest restaurants in the world.


Villamoura01 (1)
Dinner in the Sky in Portugal

I like my calm, quiet, and relaxation on vacation, but I'm also the kind of girl who wants to experience something new and and intriguing when I go away. So sometimes I'll hit a virtual museum.What can I recommend?  Check out ExploratoriumThe Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and MuseumEllis IslandNatural History Museum of Denmark, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Then there was the time I went to the Great Wall of China. And who could complain about seeing the pyramids of Egypt without having to sit on a camel?  Of course, when life is really kicking me in the shins, sometimes I want to be like Star in Treehugger and just leave the planet. Then I'll go explore a future habitat on Mars. One time I went Space Wandering, but made the mistake of taking my daughter. Apparently, there isn't much difference between that and driving to Florida. On the way to Florida, I get nagged for pretzels. In space I get nagged for Astronaut Ice Cream. No joke.

So take a virtual daycation when the every day has got you down. If nothing else, when this economy perks up again, you'll have some ideas about where to go!

So where would you go on a virtual vacation?