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Another Five-Star Review for "Treehugger"


Treehugger at shaws
"Treehugger" on display at Shaw's Bookstore in
Westwood, NJ

Many thanks to Aijah for her exciting review of Treehugger. I'm so happy she liked it! Here is an excerpt:

"...I absolutely loved everything about this book! The author's writing style was amazing. She seamlessly switched from present to past in a way that made it so easy to follow! I also love the characters and how the perspective changed. First we feel so bad for Chloe, beginning at the slumber party, to her depression. When the perspective changes, we can see how other people feel and how minuscule her problems really are. The author jumps write into the story, but gives the backround info in a way that does not sound listy and boring. Seeing the main character pick herself up both on Earth and Jacondor, and take control of her double life is amazing to read...."

Read the rest of Aijah's 5-star  review of Treehugger on her blog, Fairy Page or on

Love this new meme: Weigh in Wednesday!

I just came across a fun new meme started by Lauren of Epilogue. "Weigh in Wednesday" hosts a reading/writing related question each week. 

Weigh in wednesday smaller


Todays topic: Fiction Vs. Nonfiction

 My response? While I can be taken far away with a good non-fiction book that relays a memoir (just finished and loved "Day of Honey" by Annia Ciezadlo), I prefer fiction. I read it to escape and I write it to escape. In fact, fiction helps me go to the gym. I read off my kindle while doing anything where I'm capable of placing the kindle on a piece of equipment or on my lap. Thirty minutes on an elliptical is nothing when your brain is mostly somewhere else! Currently reading "Matched."

This week's topic is also a blog hop. You can visit more blogs below to see what their authors had to say, and add your own blog to the linky, if you have one! Susan's review of Treehugger (Based on a Dream)

This novel is a hidden treasure, 15 April 2012By SusanThis review is from: Treehugger (Based on a Dream) (Kindle Edition) At first, for about a quarter of the book, because of her predicament, Chloe/Star, the heroine, comes across as somewhat grumpy, self-absorbed and even whiney at times. To her credit, she knows she is doing this but cannot help it. She realises she acts as though she is carrying the world's problems on her shoulders - when in reality her problems, although horrible, are trivial in comparison to what others are going through. I did start to feel as though it was getting a bit `all Shawshank and no redemption'. I wanted something good to happen for Chloe/Star and, fear not, it does when one of her closest friends, CK, returns from his year-long mission.

Chloe/Star came across as believable and I liked her, flaws and all. (Early teenage years can be such a nightmare and, although I did not see it at the time, looking back I know I was at my grumpiest, most self-absorbed and whiniest at that age. I suspect I am not alone.)

At first, the book reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, in the sense that it seemed like Chloe/Star was dreaming, rather than actually experiencing off-world events. This changed for me when CK arrived and the narration switches to him for part of the story. Then it began to read more like a sci-fi novel. When Leada makes an appearance and the narration switches briefly to her, the book becomes more intriguing because of the contrast between her attitude towards Star and Star's affection for Leada.

Criticisms? Well just a couple and trivial ones at that: (1) the grown-ups all seem to be villains. The only one remotely descent is Tarthimum, but even he kept sending Star, Leada and CK into dangerous situations, while he sits back, free of danger. (2) some of the names of characters were a bit tongue-twisting - then again, they are from other worlds.

I was intrigued by the complex relationships and was full of questions: like, what is the story with Star and her former mentor Niik? Why is there such tension between Leada and Star? Why won't Star's ethi heal her? And the most nail-biting of all, what's going to happen with scary Professor Kroter, the mad scientist? Some of these issues are covered and, at the same time there is scope for continuation for a series. Highly recommended and I hope there will be a book 2.

Loving an awesome review today! Sometimes you just know when a reader really "gets" your characters and the themes you are trying to introduce. Many thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to read and review "Treehugger" regardless of how you felt about it.

Something new every day

Yesterday marks the end of a whirlwind week for me. My cousin and her wonderful family came from Germany to stay with us for Easter and four days afterward. While it may be a lot of work having four people stay over, these days were a much needed break from the every day and didn't seem like work at all! It was so refreshing to go to Manhattan and play tourist, to share Easter, to visit a museum, and to go shopping "just because."

The week was full of discoveries as well, which just goes to prove ... you learn something new every day! Like what, you ask? 

SATURDAY: When it comes to some people in your life, you can see them after ten years and pick up right where you left off! How great is that? 

SUNDAY: There is a bakery in South Windsor, Connecticut called David Glass. Whoever David is, he now owns my tastebuds. The flourless chocolate cake is to die for and just a little bit is enough. (But why stop there?)

MONDAY: There is one nut/bolt setup on each side of the back suspension of a Saturn Vue for keeping the tires in place. When that bolt disappears ... it's a bad thing. There we were, calling AAA for a flatbed, right in the parking lot of the Orange County Choppers showroom in Newburgh, NY. It dawns on me now ... maybe we should have just asked Paul Sr. for help? 

TUESDAY: People in Manhattan are a lot more polite than I have given them credit for. I grew up in New York, and I don't remember such politeness in the city. Between the man who overheard our group looking for somewhere to change euros into dollars and stopped to point out possibilities, to all the clerks from American Girl down to sidewalk vendors who first asked how we were before doing business, I can't believe how nice it was. According to my cousin, this doesn't happen in Munich. Score one for the U.S.! Or at least for New York!

Top rock2 001 (3)

WEDNESDAY: Middle school boys lie ... a lot. They also believe each others lies quite readily. Why wouldn't another kid believe my son sprained his ankle fighting alongside Chuck Norris? Why wouldn't my kid believe the boy who claimed to catch a great white shark last weekend? 

THURSDAY: Apparently, the speed of the Autobahn is nothing for a stomach to handle compared to the stop-and-go chaos of Manhattan driving. Always carry plastic bags and paper towels in your car. Score one for Germany!

FRIDAY: I have to get my butt in gear and save to visit my cousins in Germany soon! (So please, friends and fans ... pitch Treehugger big-time, will ya'? )

What have you learned this week?

Spring Holidays

Just wanted to wish my blog followers a very Happy Easter and Passover. It's been a busy last week ... to be followed by another one! It seems ... for the this writer, anyway ... that parenting, writing and editing, and a part-time job, don't leave much time for housework!  So I spent the past week preparing for a visit from my cousin from Germany. You don't realize how much your house needs a work over until you actually start looking under the clutter (ooops!) After we hit the airport today, she and her family will be with us for five days ... so that makes for a full week ahead of me! So excited!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your week!