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Another Five-Star Review for "Treehugger"


Treehugger at shaws
"Treehugger" on display at Shaw's Bookstore in
Westwood, NJ

Many thanks to Aijah for her exciting review of Treehugger. I'm so happy she liked it! Here is an excerpt:

"...I absolutely loved everything about this book! The author's writing style was amazing. She seamlessly switched from present to past in a way that made it so easy to follow! I also love the characters and how the perspective changed. First we feel so bad for Chloe, beginning at the slumber party, to her depression. When the perspective changes, we can see how other people feel and how minuscule her problems really are. The author jumps write into the story, but gives the backround info in a way that does not sound listy and boring. Seeing the main character pick herself up both on Earth and Jacondor, and take control of her double life is amazing to read...."

Read the rest of Aijah's 5-star  review of Treehugger on her blog, Fairy Page or on