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The Cape

My friend Brenda and I wear capes--yes, like superheroes. Each is emblazoned with a huge "S." No, you can't see them; they are invisible. The idea behind them is that, like many women, we are multi-dimensional people with too much on our plates and not enough time to complete it all without coming dangerously close to losing our minds. From time to time, our capes get snagged on a nail and we panic, unable to move forward. That's when we rely on each other to come along and work the cape off the nail. Our biggest fear that we'll get our capes caught at the same time!

So what does the "S" on my cape stand for? Different things at different times:


The other day I ran seven errands in one hour and managed to pick up the kids on time. So, "S" is for ... Speedy!

With one family member after another getting sick in my house, I've been getting neurotic over germs. So, "S" is for ... Sanitizer!

In a mad search for a particular bag, I threw myself into a closet to search the bottom for said bag. Frustrated that I couldn't find it, I lifted my head without thinking and slammed it into an edge on the closet organizer. So, "S" often stands for ...  Stupid!

Often, I try to pray my way out of one overbooked mess after another, so "S" is for ... Supplication.

After a 9:00 pm NJ Transit bus pulled out of Port Authority at 8:59 despite my banging on the door, sweating and panting and ready to throw up,  I shrieked, "Really? Really? You're in that much of rush?" So, "S" is for ... Sychotic! (Yes, I know it starts with a "P." Work with me.)

"Um...Sweetie? Are you wearing that to school? I don't know if the grade school world is ready for your handmade headband design." So, "S" is for ... Subtle.

"Sorry, darling. Clearly, I wasn't using my super telepathic powers when planning dinner, so I didn't know you had pizza for lunch." "S" is for ... Sarcasm.

While editing Book Two, I added a scene that came to me spur of the moment. The scene was so real, so romantic and sweet, so perfect that I would love to  share it here, but I don't want to throw a spoiler out. So I had to add the scene; it was as if it should have been included all along. When scenes like that hit you, they remind you of why you love to write! So "S" is for ... Surreal!

There is a lot of trading homes for babysitting purposes and last-minute changing of plans in my world. So "S" is for ... Switcheroo!

When I run into a fellow superwoman with her cape stuck on a nail, "S" is for ... Sympathetic. 

"Mom, why do you look so nice? Where are you going?" Every once in a while, "S" stands for ... Smokin'!

Somehow, I doubt "S" will ever stand for Serenity, Simple, or  Sane. Still, despite the whirlwind craziness, I suppose I can still give my life a big "S" for ... Stellar!

What letter is on your cape and what does it stand for?