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Shout Outs for Fun Book-Related News

Greetings all! I've come across some fun stuff on the 'net related to books in the past few days and thought I would share them.

1) Enter to Win! The Subtle Chronicler is holding a Hunger Games item giveaway. On the block is one Hunger Games T-shirt and 2 coveted Mockingjay pins. Like The Games, one male and one female will be chosen as winners for the pins. What do you have to give over for tribute? Simply follow The Subtle Chronicler blog. I think you'll want to anyway. Entries are taken until 2/29/12.  Here's the related post for entry:

2) Fiction-Worthy Food! Bringing books to life in the form of cakes and other goodies can create wow factors at kids' parties or quirky adult gatherings.  Fictional brings books such Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Willy Wonka, Game of Thrones and Twilight onto your plate! Check out these amusing recipes! For an amazing showcase of Harry Potter cakes, visit Big Fat

3) Interview with Chloe (Star)Treehugger's narrator, Chloe (Star) breaks free of my laptop and visits Alison Bruce's character-interview site Nighthawk. Catch Star's interview and tell her what you think in a comment. Then check out the rest of Nighthawk's guests to find more books to add to your reading list!

That's it for now. I'm off to continue the edit on Book Two of the Based on a Dream series and to tend to a sick kid. Although ... I have the feeling I was played this morning. Hmm....