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Back in Time....

The inspiration for this post was a conversation with a friend over which events in history we wished we could witness or relive. We all know that stories change throughout the ages and that exact words, feelings, or events often become skewed in translation. So here are 11 moments in history I would love to experience or re-experience.

 11) The tearing down of the Berlin wall. Sure I saw footage, but how wonderful would it be to actually have been there, witnessing the energy behind the emotions of those who relished this moment most?

10) The day I was talked into letting our daughter buy a parakeet. I would have taken a firmer "no way" stand. We wound up with two because hubbie decided the one was lonely. Now they love each other but couldn't care less about us.

9)  The day the first dinosaur parts were unearthed. I mean can you imagine the look of disbelief on those early archaeologists' faces?

8)  That meeting where astronomers decided Pluto is not a planet. I would have added a few choice words to that conversation!

7)  The day Jackson Pollock created his first signature splattered canvas. I'm just curious: I mean, what pissed him off that day? It would have been fun to help him out, too. ("Dude! That spot  over there? A little blank, no?")

6)  The landing on Plymouth Rock. I realize there was a lot of misery and suffering during the Pilgrims' first attempt at creating a life in the New World. However, the moment they landed must have been rather momentous. 

5)  The moment George Lucas decided to add Jar Jar Binks to the Star Wars saga. I mean there had to have been several people saying, "Uh ... George?" Was there nobody bold enough to scream hysterically, grab at his pant legs, and beg him to reconsider? Wasn't there a less obnoxious Gungan available for the role? I wonder: Could I have talked him out of it? (Just kidding-- sort of--George! I love ya', and after all, it is your story.)

4) The day extraterrestrials invited Confucius into a time machine to make a brief appearance smack in the middle of a U.S. session of Congress on April 1st, 2013. This experience will cause the wise philosopher to question his adage, "And remember, no matter where you go, there you are." The members of Congress will decide they need another vacation.  *

3) Jesus' Sermon on the Mount  (Matthew 5-7).

2) and 1) The day my kids were born. Now I am not talking about the delivery (no drugs for either, thank you very much!) But to relive the moments right after? I could do that again and again and again!

What moments in history would you want to experience / re-experience?

*Okay, yes. I am messing with you. But can you imagine a rather confused Confucius?