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Eleven Escapes from Reality


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We all juggle. We all get fed up. And oh, how we all need a break from time to time. Here are some of my escapes from reality.
11) Walt Disney World: Okay, that one was rather obvious. Still, there's nothing like a walk down Main Street USA, gazing up at Cinderella's castle, to make you forget about the huge list of must-dos waiting for you at home. It's been two years since I've gone. I'm overdo for a little fantasy.

10) The bathroom: Hear me out .... Sitting in the corner of the room with a good book for ten-minute spells is a surefire way to get some peace. Even if someone does knock on the door, that door is locked. Heck, you could be doing anything in there and one, "Can't I have a moment's peace in the bathroom?" will usually net the next 10 minutes of Bella and Edward's romance, Katniss' battle to survive, or Star's ... well, I'm not going to spit out a spoiler on Treehugger here. Is 10-minutes in the bathroom when you don't have to "go" dishonest? Sure. Have you earned it? Of course.

9) Sleep: Get some.

8) Incomparable Food: In particular, a phenomenal meal full of complex, smoothly-blended flavors. I haven't had something like that in a restaurant in a long time. Today, I tried a new Mediterranean place called Mezza located a few towns away in New Jersey. So good that I can't stop thinking about it hours later. 

7) A good Riesling (unless you're under 21, of course!) 

6)  An evening with your college buddies. They knew you when you were really becoming who you are.

5) Girl's Nights Out! 'nuf said. 

4) My hammock: Strung between two trees in the backyard. I miss it since it is put away for winter.

3) The Geico commercials with the little pig.  "Wheee, Wheeeeeeeee!"

2) Standing at the top of a ski-run, while it's snowing, when everyone has gone ahead of you, and it's just you, the mountains, and the snow.

1) Writing a fantasy novel. Not the editing, not the formatting, or the promoting. Just the writing. You're in control. Your whims, your story. 

What's your favorite escape from reality?