My Publishing Journey: Reflecting on the Past Month
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If a picture is worth one thousand words, then what price a photo session?

If you talk (or tweet, FB, IM, Google, or Kindleboard) with many writers--especially those on the promotion track--you'll find that life isn't easy when trying to move a gazillion miles per hour. Writing, editing, networking, publicizing...whew! And so many writers work a "real job" on top of all that! Few folks will tell you it's a breeze. And those who do are probably trying to find a way to incorporate the conversation into their newest fantasy novel. In fact, from personal experience, I can say that the last publishing-related calm experience I had was the photo shoot for my publicity pics.  

Now pictures and I do not get along. Ever since I can remember, I have tried to avoid them. In fact, except for my wedding photos (a miracle!) I'm pretty sure I have not enjoyed someone telling me to say cheese or looking at the results of those pictures throughout my entire life. That is, until my author photo shoot....

It was a beautiful fall day. The kids were in school and hubbie was home, so I didn't have to worry about making it back from Monroe, NY  in time to pick them up. In fact, I took my time adjusting my new haircut from the day before, putting on makeup, slipping in the loooong earrings someone on kindleboards suggested I wear. I hopped in the car with a smile on my face, a mixed CD of some of my favorite songs, and a Dunkin' Donuts iced-hazelnut coffee. When I hit the winding forested road known as Orange Turnpike, I jumped the CD to Madonna's Ray of Light out of habit. This road, this song, and hitting those curves with my pedal to the metal are the way I usually finish the trek to the home of my good buddy Kristina,  connoisseur of fine wine, brownies, and all things humorous. She also happens to be an extraordinary photographer.  

Kris kim
Me (left), Kris (right)

Kris and I go way back to toddlerhood. Through the years, we have helped each other out through many life trials just by talking. On top of it she has rescued me from fishing hooks, boy heartaches, fly paper, rowing a rowboat in enough circles to start a whirlpool, and most recently, my fear of having my picture taken. 



It's easy to see why I asked her to do my photo session. First off, I knew she has always had an amazing eye for photography. Next, I knew that I'd be laughing so much that I probably wouldn't come off as stiff and cardboard in the pictures. You know, the deer in headlights type deal. And I didn't. I can actually see "me" coming through in those pictures. 

Some of the shots she took that day...   


Back cover of book. Clearly having fun.
just plain silliness


Kris is such a crack up!
my favorite shot


The lake was so nice that day
Awesome day!

So here is my plug: Anyone within a reasonable distance of Monroe, NY should contact Kristina Stelz of Lakefront Photography for special occasions, portaits, etc. Anyone not within a reasonable distance should look really hard for a photographer who can help you relax! And if you can't find one, at least bring a fun friend along for the ride. What an amazing day! I'm looking forward to doing another shoot for Book Two of the Based on a Dream series. What do you say, Kris? Mohonk? .....rowboat shot?