And so this is Christmas...
Auld lang syne: Wishes for 2012

Giveaways ... Young Adult Fantasy Novel or otherwise!

We've had a lot of disgruntled conversations about giveaways in my house recently--the type that involve spoiling movie endings, novel plots, and revealing gifts. There should be a name for that little pin that bursts the self-control bubble behind our lips when we know we should keep our mouths shut. 

Movie spoilers are the worst. My son, when watching a movie for the second time while I am seeing it for the first, is famous for lines such as "Just wait until...." Funny thing is, he hates when his friend does it. I watched three boys threaten to put tape across a fourth's mouth at my son's birthday gathering viewing of Super 8. The poor kid just couldn't contain that little pin. Then what does my own boy wonder do one week later? He sucks the suspense clear out of Rise of the Planet of the Apes on me!

In the Kindleboards community you can find authors who are ticked over reviewers who lay out whole stories (including ending) in reviews. My feeling is, is a review. The thing is, a good reviewer will indicate a spoiler alert at the start of the review. Really, that's only fair, isn't it? 

Then there are good giveaways! If you read my last post, And so this is Christmas..., you know I'm about to do a giveaway. And here it is:


Just answer the three questions below in a comment on this post. On Friday, December 30th, 2011, I will put all comments through a randomization program. I have one print copy (will be sent via mail) and two ereader versions (via coupon code on Smashwords) of Treehugger to be given away. So there will be three winners. First place winner gets choice of print or ereader version.


Kindle profile TH copyQUESTION ONE: What is the most important thing you accomplished in 2011?

QUESTION TWO: Which of the posts on my blog did you enjoy most so far?

QUESTION THREE: One of the underlying themes in Treehugger is deep friendship. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being highest) how important are your friendships to you?

Thanks for entering and good luck!