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Auld lang syne: Wishes for 2012

2012. I don't know if I've ever felt so apprehensive about a new year. No, that's not because I believe the Mayans have it right and this is our last one. I'm not being sucked into that whole deal. There are just so many aspects of my life right now that could go well or badly. Not just the book, either.

For one thing, I know it will be a year of change. Again, either for better or worse. Still, while I certainly have New Year's dreams for my family and I, bad habits I need to break, and plenty of room for trying to make myself a better person, there are other wishes  (serious and downright trivial) I'm thinking about as well. 

And here we go:

1) I want Katy Perry to stop singing songs that I don't want my kids to listen to and start doing more songs like Firework.  She has a great voice, but I don't like hearing kids my daughter's age singing Teenage Dream. While I'm at it, I hope she and Russell Brand patch things up. I'm thinking a divorce is a lousy way to start a new year.

2) Rath Lasher selfishly, I want this company... Paperself ... to strike it big. They make designer paper false eyelashes with intricate designs. I want to wear these--no, really! (See picture) However, I don't want to be the only one wearing them. Once they trend, I'm in! Check out all their cool designs! Which would you wear?


3) I'm hoping for both sides of the political coin to realize they are working for PEOPLE. Not just themselves, not just corporations ... not just the political party they belong to.

4) I want true journalism to come back into play.

5) I want my friends' entertainment podcast, GeekFest Rants, to go viral. (Shameless plug, yes. But they really do a nice job with genre entertainment!)

6) For Stephenie Meyer, I hope shooting of the movie version of The Host goes nicely in 2012. Aaaaaand, I hope the casting is far better than Twilight. While I'm on the topic, I hope more people realize what an amazing story Meyer created with The Host.

7) I want American Girl to come out with an alien doll. As in, from another planet. Folks have asked them for an albino doll and for handicapped dolls ... the company just won't bite. I suppose the idea isn't Ag doll profitable enough. Never mind the fact that they could do a special limited edition with some of the money going to an organization like that works  to help albino children in East Africa. You know ... help American Girls to be  good citizens of the world.  So if that's a no-go, how about going off the charts with something new and interesting that emphasizes individuality? You know, Meep Meep from Mars comes to Earth, becomes a citizen, and now is an American Girl. Of course, she comes with accessories like her hot pink ray gun that shoots rainbows, a table and chair set made with materials only found on Mars, a glog set (Martian version of a tea set), and her own pet ... a purple yip with a leash that attaches to its middle horn. 

Seriously, want to support the cause of three sisters trying to get American girl to create a doll with albinism? Visit their FB page.

8) There are several single men in my life for which I wish a serious romance in 2012. You know who you are. Ladies in their late thirties to late forties, I'm talking names! But you have to be genuine, unselfish, and have a humongous sense of humor!

9) Flying cars

10) My top wish for 2012? I want parents to stop teaching intolerance and hate to their kids, either directly or indirectly. Let's teach the benefits and value of unique personalities and interests, multiculturalism, varying points of view and different genetic makeups instead.  In other words, let's not have any suicides due to bullying in 2012. 

Oh....and there's one more:

11) I hope people stop believing the world will end in December 2012...or else it's going to be one heck of a long year!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012 to you and your family! What do you wish for the world for 2012? And...would you wear the Paperself eyelashes? Which one?